Qt 5 on BlackBerry 10 - Beyond the Myth

Fabian Bumberger



Presenter Bio: 

Fabian Bumberger fell in love with Qt during his studies at the TUM while controlling robots. He worked with Qt in Nokia’s Developer Experience and Marketing group and afterwards in 2012 joined BlackBerry's Qt team in Munich. He currently works on the BlackBerry10 Qt port, in particular QtConnectivity.


Salon C/D


In this talk, you will learn how Qt5 will be integrated in the platform in parallel with Qt 4.8. We will discuss which modules are available, where do you get them from, how to add others, and how you can use Qt5 for your application development, incl. tweaks and tricks in using NDK and other development tools. You will get an overview of the recent development works and next steps in BlackBerry.

Presentation Track: 

  • Platforms


Thursday, November 7, 2013 -
4:30pm to 5:30pm