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Carl has founded and managed several leading edge technology companies. He is currently directing local community technology projects and presents on open technology and its practical applications. He is a writer and editor for, the KDE news channel, and was an organizer of LinuxFest Northwest for several years. He is the General Manager of VAULTechnology, the North American distributor for the Vivaldi Tablet, which is based on Mer and Plasma Active.


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Mer is the leading openly developed Linux distribution for mobile devices. It is based on MeeGo, but is considerably lighter weight. Mer is compact and performant; an excellent candidate for experimentation, development and customization on a range of mobile devices. It supports Qt and QML for developing native apps.
This presentation covers:

  • The Mer Project, a fully open and free meritocracy
  • Platform and application SDKs
  • Qt and QML development on Mer
  • Mer-based builds for x86, ARM and MIPS architectures
  • UX and hardware adaptations
  • Using and contributing to Mer

The material is intended for developers and companies seeking a high quality, free and open source platform for mobile devices. It will appeal to people experimenting with Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard, as well as those who are looking for mainstream opportunities in markets such as smartphones, tablets, In-Vehicle Infotainment, home automation, smart TVs and other embedded systems.

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Friday, December 7, 2012 -
2:45pm to 3:45pm