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Carl has founded and managed several leading edge technology companies. He is currently directing local community technology projects and presents on open technology and its practical applications. He is a writer and editor for dot.kde.org, the KDE news channel, and was an organizer of LinuxFest Northwest for several years. He is the General Manager of VAULTechnology, the North American distributor for the Vivaldi Tablet, which is based on Mer and Plasma Active.




Since KDE began 15 years ago, Qt has been integral to KDE development. In that time, the KDE Community has developed valuable skills and resources. This presentation provides a practical view of KDE for companies, projects and individuals using Qt.

As times have changed, so has KDE. It is the largest non-commercial & independent Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Community in the world. From top to bottom, KDE technology is freely licensed. Despite its size, the KDE flat, meritocratic organizational structure promotes creativity, innovation and individual contribution. KDE is at the forefront of technology.

These factors give KDE deep knowledge and familiarity with Qt, and have resulted in the development of a wide range of high quality libraries. This wealth of benefits is freely available to all Qt-based development projects. The Qt Project depends on community contributions; KDE is a strong partner in that effort.

The presentation will cover:
* Using KDE libraries to speed up application development and make deployment easier
* Platform integration
* Underlying abstractions such as Phonon (multimedia), Solid (device integration) and others
* Granular access to KDE resources
* QtMultiMedia, QtGStreamer, Kross (scripting framework for Python, Ruby, Javascript), Qt configuration tools and others
* Sustaining a Qt-skilled development team

This presentation is intended for a general audience using Qt or considering doing so. It will cover KDE technology at a high level with ways to get more detailed information. It will appeal to people who are committed to a thriving Qt community and open software development.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012 -
1:15pm to 2:15pm