Writing Complex Applications With QML

Aaron Seigo



Presenter Bio: 

Aaron Seigo is a software developer, systems designer, community organizer and entrepreneur with nearly two decades experience in industry, with over half that time spent focusing on Free / Open Source software. He has served as President of KDE's global non-profit, designed and devleoped frameworks such as KDE's Plasma, helped tend open source communities, run technology companies, worked for the likes of Trolltech and Nokia and spoken around the world on the topics of Free software and tehcnology during this time. Currently Aaron focuses on bringing Qt and KDE technologies into the mobile space, and recently co-founded a start-up to help make this possible.


Salons B-C


QML is often perceived as an efficient way to quickly realize beautiful, fluid user interfaces, as long as those interfaces are simple and limited. However, writing full-featured applications in QML that expose powerful feature sets is possible with the suitable techniques in hand. This presentation will demonstrate how to approach QML for complex applications covering the use of Qt Components, QML packages, data retrieval techniques, device appropriateness and more. Real-world applications will also be used to demonstrate these techniques live.


Friday, December 7, 2012 -
9:00am to 10:00am