The Designers Cookbook

Jens Reuterberg
Blue Systems, KDE
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014 -
12:30pm to 1:30pm
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Illustrator, Designer and Open Source aficionado from Sweden who started work for KDE in January 2014 by creating the Visual Design Group with the goal of tearing down the Ivory Tower of design and making it open to all, focusing on inclusiveness, egalitarianism and cooperation instead of self-isolation, strict hierarchies and competition. Focusing on teaching people who weren't so experienced in design but had the ambition to be so this has created the situation that KDE went from 1-2 designers to 10-40 designers over a a one month period. 


By focusing more on the work methods to achieve good design instead of patterns and a pre-made designlanguage to follow the attendants will gain an understanding on the legwork of awesome design. The bits that are needed to construct it instead of having to decipher the finished work of someone else.
Cooking, something everyone has done at one point or another, is used as an example of things like "Breakage and Repetition", "Design Unification" and "Balance" to easier explain these rather complex terms and ideas and showing how simple they really are and putting them into a set of step-by-step rules.
The goal is that all attendants should after the presentation feel more at home with design work and choices, more confident in how to achieve better design and also why better design is relevant to all, not just a small clique of designers.