Qt for WinRT (Windows 8 Modern UI and Windows Phone 8)

Andrew Knight
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014 -
12:30pm to 1:30pm
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Andrew has been involved as a consultant, trainer, and developer of Qt projects since 2010. Lately, his duties have been tied to the new Qt for WinRT port, which brings Qt to the Windows 8 family of operating systems.

When he isn't busy hacking on Qt, you might find him out for a jog or cooling off with a pint at the local microbrewery.


The Qt port for Windows Runtime brings the power and convenience of Qt to Microsoft's latest devices and operating systems. Since Qt 5.3, it has been possible to build Qt Quick applications for publication in the Windows Store. This presentation covers technical background on the port -- including how things have progressed for Qt 5.4 -- and how to get started using Qt for WinRT in practice.

The focus of the technical background begins with notable challenges encountered when adapting the Windows Runtime API to Qt's Platform Abstraction (QPA) layer, such as management of the new Core UI infrastructure. A short introduction to the API itself is covered, including the supporting Windows Runtime Template Library (WRL). Adaptations for networking, threading, graphics (OpenGL/Direct3D) are also presented.

With a background on the technical constraints discussed, a tour of the Qt Creator/Visual Studio workflow is presented. A selection of Qt demo applications and examples including, including live coding and debugging. Finally, some notes on publication within the Windows marketplaces are addressed.

In summary, this presentation aims to demonstrate the maturity level and applicability of the Qt for WinRT port, while providing insight into the technical challenges faced with porting Qt to a new platform.