From QtWidgets Legacy to QtQuick and beyond

Kevin Ottens
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014 -
10:15am to 11:15am
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Kevin Ottens has more than 10 years experience working with Qt. Graduating in 2007, he owns a PhD in computer science which led him to particularly work on ontologies engineering and multi-agent systems. Nowadays he spends time rethinking his job via a strong interest in software craftsmanship. Kevin's job at KDAB includes giving trainings and the responsibility of community liaison with KDE. He still lives in Toulouse where he serves as part time teacher in his former university.


It is easier and easier to create a proper QtQuick application from scratch. But is it really that simple to bring existing code in the QtQuick structure? It can get especially challenging for a large project which collected C++ collected over more than 15 years. What can we do of all that code? Temptation is high for new developers to start from scratch, but what about the lost knowledge?

In this live coding session, we'll see how we can start from an untested QtWidgets legacy code base, add new features to it, and move it over QtQuick in around an hour.

It will be a good way to discover refactoring techniques, test driven development and continuous checking. All of that in a suboptimal codebase and while doing the simplest things that will work.

The starting point of the live coding is available here: