Why Qt Matters In the Big Picture

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Till Adam
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Wednesday, October 8, 2014 -
10:15am to 11:15am
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Originally from a liberal arts background, Till Adam is a long time contributor to several Open Source technologies and a veteran of Qt consulting. He has taught Qt and its advanced use to individuals and organizations across the world and helped architect, implement, debug and profile a wide variety of applications across many different domains. Till is responsible for services at KDAB, frequently presents and occasionally publishes on technical and non-technical topics. He lives in Berlin.


It is easy to be enthusiastic about the technical merits of Qt. For those having to make technology choice decisions that impact the business for potentially a long time, that is not the only dimension, however. Risks need to be examined and trade-offs identified, medium and long term impact on all aspects of one’s product and business rationally and fully assessed. From HR to IP issues, new strategic opportunities and options to structural considerations relative to recent market developments, this presentation will strive to shed a light on where Qt sits on the strategic map. What does it bring to the table and where does it expose risks that need to be mitigated? How can that be done? What does an organization adopting Qt need to keep and mind and where can it generate additional value thanks to Qt?