Qt: Tailored For Business, Today

Dario Freddi
Dario Freddi



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Dario Freddi found his love for Qt by being strongly involved in several open source projects since his early years - in particular KDE, to which he started contributing in 2007, and never stopped. From there on, he signed up as a Qt Ambassador and specialized in freedesktop.org technologies integration, writing Qt bindings to several open source frameworks such as polkit and Telepathy.
He is a regular speaker to some of the most important Open Source conferences worldwide, usually on Qt-related topics.
Qt has been an integral part of his academic and work life since forever - his degree in Information Engineering came with a thesis over an abstract communication system for musical devices completely built on top of Qt. Afterwards, he worked as a freelance consultant for several important companies around the globe, and nowadays he runs Ispirata, a company providing services and products built around KDE and Qt technologies.




Most of the time, Qt is pictured as a great technology from a technical perspective, but many the doubts about its business potential. It's not uncommon to hear several people talking about their concerns when it comes to Qt's usage and potential in a business environment. There's much talk about the future, but it always looks like there's nothing going around in the present.
Reality is much different: Qt is already everywhere around you in several appliances and devices, and some of them you would not even imagine. This talk revolves around the adventures of a group of Qt experts and what they found among their path, from the beginnings in the open source world to the creation of a company providing services tailored around Qt.
There are many reasons why companies choose Qt, and surprisingly they're very close to what developers put as their main arguments. Time saving, performance, stability and multi-platform/device deployment are the keys to the corporate success of Qt. Not only: Qt features an ecosystem of companies with amazing talents to ensure support, and a large pool of open source projects relying on Qt to ensure its popularity and the growth of talents around it.And of course, the open nature of Qt allows for even more than the documentation shows.
During our adventures, we have seen gigantic companies using Qt internally and externally, companies willing to switch, companies we helped to switch, and even more. With one common factor: the realization that Qt is usually the best solution to many problems the average company faces.
Will your company be next? Let some of the real world examples we'll show convince you.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012 -
1:15pm to 2:15pm