Lightning Talks

Another new initiative for DevDays! This year we are introducing lightning talks!
This means we welcome any conference delegate to give a 10 minute lightning talk on any subject relating to Qt. 

Ideas might include:

  • Showing off an application you developed with Qt
  • Pitching an idea for a feature you would like to see in Qt
  • Describing a cool way you solved a problem in Qt
  • Amazing us with a debugging technique you use when developing Qt applications

It's your call as long as a Qt developer would find it interesting.

The lightning talks will be strictly time-controlled and delivered, one after the other.

Further, to ensure that all talks are truly lightning and well-presented, we will offer prizes for the best talks as voted on by the attendees.  Points to consider:

  • Originality/ Innovation: How original/innovative the talk was 
  • Presentation: How well it was presented 
  • Overall Value: How worthwhile it was to listen to. Did you - become a better person? - learn how to fix something you have been struggling with for years? - change your mind on a key issue? and so on....

Listeners to each talk will vote in these three categories. Winners of each category will be announced during the closing session.

The small print:

  • Proposing a lightning talk will not get you a free ticket to Qt DevDays
  • Doing a lightning talk will, however, get you an additional 5 drink tickets for the party
  • Offering a lightning talk will not guarantee you a slot, as we only have a limited number of lightning talk slots available. 
  • Anyone going to the conference can participate, including sponsors, co-hosts, and speakers. 

We expect a good competition from the above list, but we would still love to see "outsiders" join the fun, so don't be intimidated!

Submit your suggestion here.

Deadline: September 25 (Berlin); October 18 (San Francisco)