Qt Quick on the Desktop

David Johnson



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Senior Software Engineer at ICS, and certified Qt trainer. David has been actively using Qt since 1998 (with version 1.42). He specializes in desktop applications and data visualization. He has contributed to the KDE and FreeBSD projects. When not working with software he has been known to homebrew beer.


Salon A/B


With the introduction of the Qt Quick Controls module in Qt 5.1, Qt Quick now comes into its own on the desktop. No longer exclusive to mobile and embedded domains, the desktop is once again a tier one target for the Qt framework. Besides a set of standard desktop controls, such as main windows, buttons, sliders, views, etc., the new module also introduces simple and effective layouts. While useful for mobile and embedded apps, they don't really shine until you use them with desktop applications.
This presentation is directed at the traditional Qt/C++ developer, and the emphasis is on desktop applications. The talk will provide an overview of main windows, controls, views, dialogs, styling and the layout system, and then moves on to using QML controls in C++ desktop applications. A case study migrating a QWidget based application to Qt Quick Controls is presented, illustrating the issues the developer will face and how to overcome them.

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  • QML/Qt Quick

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Thursday, November 7, 2013 -
4:30pm to 5:30pm