Why Qt & Try Qt

One-Day Sessions — Wednesday, November 6th
This year Qt Developer Days San Francisco is offering two new one-day sessions geared toward people who are new to Qt — Choose Why Qt or Try Qt. Attendees will have access to the exhibit hall and opportunity to network with other Qt professionals. 

Why Qt

Are you a product owner or product manager who is considering using Qt for your next project? Come and learn why Qt is used in over 70 industries by market-leading companies and how it can help your team develop applications for use on multiple screens, with a singular user-experience, directly reducing your time to market. In addition, learn how Qt can help you build your own robust app ecosystem to further drive usage. This session is tailored to decision makers and will include: 
  • an introduction the Qt technology - what is Qt?
  • learning about the benefits of Qt
  • why and how Qt can make your product/project successful
  • meeting and exchanging experiences with top Qt engineers and Digia Qt executives
  • .... and a whole lot more

See the full agenda for Why Qt.

Try Qt

Do you need to quickly get up to speed with Qt? The Try Qt session provides a practical introduction to the Qt framework and Qt Quick and covers all the basics needed to create your first Qt application. The content begins with the traditional widget set for desktop applications and will cover:
  • layout management
  • object communication using signals/slots
  • the Qt event system and 2D painting
Qt Quick topics, including:
  • input events
  • states and transitions
  • animations and positioners 

Try Qt will also include Developing with Qt and Cascades for BlackBerry 10

See the full agenda for Try Qt.

Why Qt and Try Qt Pricing: $99 — Register Here