Europe Presentation List

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A Framework for the Multiscreen World Nils Roscher Nielsen Qt in Use
A Qt journey from desktop to mobile Nicolas Froment Mobile
Accessible Apps Frederik Gladhorn Mobile PDF icon FrederikGladhorn_2014-Qt_Dev_Days-Mobile_Accessibility.pdf
Additional Qt libraries outside of the Qt Project David Faure Tech. Starter
Analyzing Performance of QtQuick Applications Thomas McGuire QML/QQ PDF icon ThomasMcGuire_Analyzing Performance of Qt Quick Applications.pdf
Android & iOS – on the edge of Qt and Java/Objective-C Maciej Węglarczyk Mobile PDF icon MaciejWeglarczyk_Android & iOS.pdf
Behavior-Driven Development and Testing of Qt C++ and QML Applications Reginald Stadlbauer Best Practices PDF icon ReginaldStadlbauer_bdd_qtdd_2014.pdf
Behind the Scenes of Qt3D Dr Sean Harmer, Paul Lemire OpenGL PDF icon qt3d-in-depth.pdf
Building complex QML-GUIs with QtQuick 2 Dennis Effmert and Martin Lang QML/QQ PDF icon DennisEffmert_Building_complex_QML-GUIs_with_QtQuick_2.pdf
C++/QML Judgement Day Bo Thorsen QML/QQ
Contributing to Qt -- hands on Giuseppe D'Angelo Community PDF icon GuiseppeDAngelo_contributing qt.pdf
Custom modern Qt Quick components Adrien Leravat QML/QQ
Deep Dive into Qt Quick and Qt Quick Controls Gabriel de Dietrich QML/QQ PDF icon Deep Dive Qt Quick.pdf
Developing Great Location-based Apps with QML! Jen Trieu Qt in Use PDF icon DevDays14_Jen_2.pdf
Device creation with Qt Enterprise Embedded Andy Nichols Embedded PDF icon AndyNicols_Device creation with Qt Enterprise Embedded Europe.pdf
DIY moc - Dynamic Meta Objects Volker Krause In-Depth
Enabling Direct WebGL in Qt Quick 2 Pasi Keränen Web PDF icon PasiKeränen_Enabling Direct WebGL in Qt Quick 2.pdf
Experiences building The Largest Multitouch Screen in Latin America (8mts) Ariel Molina Qt in Use PDF icon ArielMolina-experiences2.pdf
Extending Qt on Android apps using JNI BogDan Vatra Mobile
Freescale, Adeneo Embedded and Qt Help Ease the next UI Challenges for Embedded Systems Sylvain Gardet and Anthony Pellerin Keynote
From QtWidgets Legacy to QtQuick and beyond Kevin Ottens Best Practices
From the Desktop to the Mobile Cloud: Extending your Qt Widget Desktop Application as a Back-end Service Cameron Kiddle Mobile PDF icon CameronKiddle_QtDevDaysBerlin2014.pdf
Give a push to your Qt application with WebSockets and Qt Cloud Services Lauri Nevala Web PDF icon Lauri Nevala give_a_push_to_your_qt_application_with_websockets.pdf
How to Develop with Qt for Multiple Screen Resolutions and Increase Your User Retention (of Cross-Platform Apps and Games) Christian Feldbacher Mobile
Integrating Mobile Into Your Cross-Platform Strategy with Qt Tuukka Ahoniemi Qt in Use PDF icon TukkaaAhoniemi_Qtdd14_SF_mobile_into_multiplatform_strategy.pdf
Introducing Qt3D 2.0: a Qt framework for 3D rendering and visualisation James Turner & Giuseppe D'Angelo OpenGL
Introduction to lock free programming - or how to use QAtomic classes Olivier Goffart In-Depth PDF icon OliverGoffart_lockfree.pdf
Introduction to Qt Creator Tobias Hunger Tech. Starter PDF icon TobiasHunger_qtcreator-intro.pdf
Keynote: The Qt Crystal Ball: Advances in the Qt Technology to Solve Future Trends Lars Knoll Keynote PDF icon Dev Days 2014 Keynote.pdf
Lightning Talks Various Presenters Lightning Talk
Low-Level Hardware Programming for Non-Electrical Engineers Jeff Tranter Embedded PDF icon JeffTranter_LowLevelProgramming.pdf
Native to Native: porting iOS and Android apps to Qt 5 Mike Krus Tech. Starter
News from the graphics stack: Improvements to the core OpenGL enablers Laszlo Agocs OpenGL PDF icon AgocsLaszlo_opengl_enablers_news.pdf
Programmers rejoice: QML makes business people understand Hinrich Specht QML/QQ PDF icon QtDevDays2014_QmlDSL_HinrichSpecht_noAnimations.pdf
QML Engine: The rolling stone that gathers no moss Simon Hausmann In Depth
Qml for non developers. Nuno Pinheiro Design PDF icon NunoPinhiero_qmlFND.pdf
Qt for WinRT (Windows 8 Modern UI and Windows Phone 8) Andrew Knight Mobile
Qt is Spying on Your Types Jędrzej Nowacki In-Depth PDF icon Jędrzej Nowacki presentation-expanded.pdf
Qt Logging Framework Kai Köhne In-Depth PDF icon KaiKoehne_Qt Logging Framework 16_9.pdf
QtWebChannel - Bridging the Gap between HTML and Qt Milian Wolff Web PDF icon MilianWolff_Qt WebChannel - Bridging the Gap between HTML and Qt.pdf
QtWebEngine: learning to walk Pierre Rossi Web
QtWidgets and QtQuick Controls - A Comparison Kevin Krammer Tech. Starter PDF icon KevinKramer_QtWidgets-QtQuick.Controls-Comparison.pdf
Rapid UI Prototyping - Better, Faster - Awesome Jürgen Bocklage-Ryannel Design PDF icon JBRyannel_QtDD14-RapidUi.pdf
Security Aspects of feature rich, connected embedded devices Till Adam and Nick Mayencourt Embedded PDF icon TillAdam_Embedded_Presentation_1.0_small.pdf, PDF icon TillAdam_Embedded_Presentation_1.0_small.pdf
String Theory Thiago Macieira In-Depth PDF icon ThiagoMacieira_String_theory.pdf
Test Driven Development for Invisible Hardware Samuel Gaist Best Practices PDF icon SamuelGaist_Testdriven.pdf
The Designers Cookbook Jens Reuterberg Design
Using the QML profiler Ulf Hermann QML/QQ PDF icon UlfHermann_qmlprofiler.pdf
Why Qt Matters In the Big Picture Till Adam Qt in Use PDF icon TillAdams_QtDevDays2014-QtInTheBigPicture.pdf
Write Event-based programs again sequentially or how to Clean Code in asynchronous programs Helge Betzinger Best Practices PDF icon HelgeBetzinger_presentation qt dev 2014.pdf
Writing better code with help from Qt and the compiler Thiago Macieira Best Practices PDF icon ThiagoMacieira_Better_code_help_from_the_compiler.pdf