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Sylvain Garde
Sylvain Gardet and Anthony Pellerin

Freescale, Adeneo Embedded and Qt Help Ease the next UI Challenges for Embedded Systems

In this keynote Sylvain Gardet and Anthony Pellerin will discuss the ever evolving world of embedded systems and extending the landscape of new devices that use more and more advanced user interface to improve and ease user's experience. While the processing demand for these new devices increases dramatically, ease of use with software development and graphic performance are challenged to keep pace.

Lars Knoll
Lars Knoll
The Qt Company

Keynote: The Qt Crystal Ball: Advances in the Qt Technology to Solve Future Trends

We are experiencing a fantastic worldwide uptake for Qt with several new releases and most notably the introduction of the Qt for Android and iOS ports. Now, Qt is entering a new dimension of awareness in the minds of not only software developers, but also hardware vendors in a variety of industries, who are looking for a development framework that can support their future technology strategy. This talk will focus on a high-level bird’s eye view of Qt’s technological vision as well as the role a united ecosystem plays in that quest.