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Nuno Pinheiro

Qml for non developers.

Development teams incorporate more and more people with no coding background, the separation of UX / UI / Management and Development teams creates major communications issues that are not simple to solve and require common languages to do so.
I propose that QML is a great accessible language for non developer to get the message down to developers and enabling this message to be transported back to the source.

Jens Reuterberg
Blue Systems, KDE

The Designers Cookbook

By focusing more on the work methods to achieve good design instead of patterns and a pre-made designlanguage to follow the attendants will gain an understanding on the legwork of awesome design. The bits that are needed to construct it instead of having to decipher the finished work of someone else.

J├╝rgen Bocklage-Ryannel

Rapid UI Prototyping - Better, Faster - Awesome

Working on user interface driven projects means mastering the interface between designers and developers. We show some techniques and practical approaches to allow your developer team create great looking user interfaces in a structured way in no time. We used this approach in several projects and customers with a high success rate. We mimic the typical designer workflow using QML, live coding and mocking techniques to support the design process in every phase. By this we help the stakeholders of the project to make decisions based on the real running user interface.