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Mike Krus

Native to Native: porting iOS and Android apps to Qt 5

MVE offers a mobile data collecting application which uses sensors and mapping tools provided in modern mobile phones. This was developed on iOS and Android. While the two apps shared a C++ data serialization layer, the UI and all the sensor code was done using the native platform toolkits. Hence, all the complicated things that mattered had to be done twice: handling the GPS and other sensors; showing data on the map and drawing overlays; the entire UI and workflows, etc.

Kevin Krammer

QtWidgets and QtQuick Controls - A Comparison

QtWidgets has been one of Qt's selling points through out its two decade long existence. Its ability to blend into the target platform's look&feel with little or no effort on the part of application developers is unparalleled.

The advent of powerful mobile and embedded devices, and later touch based desktop-like systems, made it necessary for Qt to extend its offerings with a technology specifically designed for dynamic and fluid UIs: QtQuick.

David Faure

Additional Qt libraries outside of the Qt Project

This presentation will start by explaining the concept of and showing some of the libraries available there, pointing in particular to those that will be useful in the rest of the presentation.
The multiple ways to use will be discussed: browsing the website and downloading sources, using the command-line tool to install sources or packages (in development), or future ideas such as integrating this with QtCreator.

Tobias Hunger
Digia Germany GmbH

Introduction to Qt Creator

Qt Creator is a powerful, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE), tailored to Qt development in C++ as well as QML. It integrates UI builder, the Qt help system and a powerful code editor with version control systems and support for widely used build systems and greatly simplifies cross-platform development, targeting desktop computers, embedded platforms and mobile systems.

This presentation will provide a short introduction into Qt Creator, demonstrate targeting different environments from within the IDE and will highlight new features found in Qt Creator 3.2