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Andy Nichols
The Qt Company

Device creation with Qt Enterprise Embedded

Creating embedded devices comes with many challenges, but with Qt Enterprise Embedded we aim to make the software side much more manageable. With Qt Enterprise Embedded The Qt Companyprovides both a stable software stack as well as the tools needed to develop software for your target embedded device. From prototyping to productisation Qt Enterprise Embedded will make your embedded project easier and thus help you get to market quicker.

Jeff Tranter

Low-Level Hardware Programming for Non-Electrical Engineers

Today's embedded systems have processing power similar to, or exceeding, that of desktop computers of just a few years ago. Many Qt developers have transitioned from desktop to embedded development. Embedded systems often involve talking directly to hardware interfaces. If your background is more Computer Science than Electrical Engineering, some of the buzzwords and acronyms may be strange and confusing to you. In this presentation I will give an overview of some of the common hardware interfaces including I2C, SPI, GPIO, and serial.

Till Adam and Nick Mayencourt

Security Aspects of feature rich, connected embedded devices

As embedded devices change from relatively simple, integrated circuits that drive switches to connected, powerful machines with rich functionality and touch screen user interfaces, resembling consumer mobile devices in look and feel as well as technology, securing them becomes even more challenging. This presentation will explore aspects of this from the point of view of the engineers building a modern, connected embedded device.