Keynote: Insider’s View to Qt’s Expansion Everywhere

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Juhapekka Niemi
Juhapekka Niemi
The Qt Company
North America Date: 
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 -
9:30am to 9:45am
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Presenter Bio: 

Juhapekka Niemi is the VP of Sales & Marketing at The Qt Company (a Digia entity), responsible for the global Qt business. Juhapekka has an international background in the high tech industry with experience in software, complex system design and various management positions at large companies. Before joining Digia, Juhapekka was responsible for high end smartphone product Concepting at Nokia. Juhapekka is currently based in Tampere, Finland....


This past year Qt has succeeded in gaining ground as the development world’s best kept secret in several key industries via several market penetration activities, a re-shift of its commercialization strategy and a number of other initiatives being executed to make sure a united Qt ecosystem message is deployed and received everywhere. This talk will give a brief overview of actions taken, results gained and insight into future commercialization planning that will further drive Qt’s widespread adoption.