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Tuukka Ahoniemi
The Qt Company

Integrating Mobile Into Your Cross-Platform Strategy with Qt

This talk will give an introduction to how mobile market trends can become reality with Qt and what is the role of mobile for Qt and for existing desktop/embedded Qt developers.

Mobile platforms are not only relevant for mobile consumer apps but are also the future direction for existing desktop and embedded systems--the multi-screen applications. Market trends such as Enterprise Mobility and Internet of Things require application developers and device vendors to target mobile platforms.

BogDan Vatra

Extending Qt on Android apps using JNI

Why? Because it is impossible for Qt to implement all Android features e.g.:

Nils Roscher Nielsen
Nils Roscher Nielsen
The Qt Company

A Framework for the Multiscreen World

Consumers are demanding more flexible ways to use and control the electronic devices in homes and cars. A TV no longer has a single remote control. The remote control may be an iPhone or an Android tablet, each one providing a different user interface that leverages the gestures and look and feel of the platform. At the same time, the TV will have its own branded user interface that behaves in a consistent manner as the user switches between devices. The result, driven by the rise of connected devices, is a need for multi-screen or multiple-platform embedded applications.

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