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Jeff LeBlanc

User Experience Design for Software Developers

This talk provides an introduction to User Experience (UX) design, specifically focusing on issues that software engineers encounter. While engineers tend to focus on the implementation details of getting pixels on the screen, less consideration is often given to where the pixels go, and who besides the developer will be interacting with them. In this session we will present an overview of the UX design process, highlighting several best practices.

Matthias Kalle Dalheimer

Square pegs through a round hole - how to be agile and reliable at the same time

This talk is about unifying two seemingly conflicting requirements on a software consulting company: Customers expect reliable, predictable, documented software development, but they also expect their service provider to actually get stuff done, on budget, on time, and not, as unfortunately is far from uncommon in our industry, leave a big, unusable mess behind, however one that comes with excellent documentation about what was not being done.

Jeff LeBlanc
Jeff LeBlanc

”Dammit, Jim! I’m an Engineer not an Artist!"

Modern User Interfaces (UIs) have to do more than be functional: they also need to be engaging to the target user. Software engineers excel at making applications work, but are not often trained in visual design. Conversely, visual designers can create amazing artwork using graphical tools, but may not know if their designs can be implemented within the scope of a project. When a project team is able to work in that sweet spot, the region where graphic artists are producing designs that can be implemented quickly using Qt/QML, the results are amazing.

Dario Freddi

Beyond UX: building solid middleware with Qt (and QML)

Qt goes way beyond being an amazing UX toolkit, and besides being often ditched when it comes to middleware development, it has everything a support library should have: stability, efficiency and very few dependencies. QtCore provides almost everything needed when building system daemons or libraries, and especially when building system critical components, several parts of the Qt stack can be of great help.

Dorothy Shamonsky and Andrew Babkin

Make Your Content Shine: Design Choices for a Qt Touch Kiosk

Qt and QML have many options for customizing the display of fonts, images, animations and videos. Those various options allow you to create a beautiful interface or a visual mess, depending on what choices you make. Which options would you choose in designing an interface to end up with an attractive and easy-to-read interactive experience?

Jürgen Bocklage-Ryannel

Rapid UI Prototyping - Better, Faster - Awesome

Working on user interface driven projects means mastering the interface between designers and developers. We show some techniques and practical approaches to allow your developer team create great looking user interfaces in a structured way in no time. We used this approach in several projects and customers with a high success rate. We mimic the typical designer workflow using QML, live coding and mocking techniques to support the design process in every phase. By this we help the stakeholders of the project to make decisions based on the real running user interface.

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