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Thiago Macieira

Writing better code with help from Qt and the compiler

Traditionally, getting the most out of a processor required writing assembly code that used specialised instructions to accomplish some particular tasks. And though that's still widely used, processors are very complex and maintaining assembly code by hand is a hard and tedious task. Add to that the fact that processors evolve and getting the timings right of each generation is better left to the compiler.

Michael Brasser
Independent Consultant

Faster and Smaller: How to improve application speed and minimize memory use through careful use of images

Images in a Qt Quick application can have a large impact on both application speed and memory use. This talk will discuss a number of techniques to address these problems, with a particular focus on embedded devices. Techniques discussed will include image format and preparation, relevant QML elements and properties, scenegraph extensions, and more.

Thomas McGuire

Analyzing Performance of QtQuick Applications

A fluid and performant user interface in QtQuick applications is an important factor, especially considering that users increasingly demand an "iPhone-like" experience, while at same time, applications often run on a resource-constrained embedded system.

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